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Gutters Protect Your Home, So Treat Them Right

No one spends a great deal of time thinking about the gutters and downspouts on their house. But these utilitarian fixtures do require a tiny bit of consideration a few times per year if you want to keep them in good repair. Here are the basics of good gutter maintenance.

Clean Them Out

The simplest way to care for your gutters while also prevent future problems is to clean them out at least once per year. If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of trees, you will like have many leaves and other bits of debris that fall into the gutters. You can always consider the style that features a leaf guard on top.

Test the Track

Next it is time to turn your attention to the downspouts. Using a garden hose, pour water into the gutters and watch to see how the water seems to be flowing. If the stream is trickling out, you likely have an obstruction somewhere in the downspout.

Gutter Repairs

There are other common problems that can happen with gutters. One can be found with the slope of the track. There needs to be an adequate decline from one end of the gutter to the other in order for the water to drain properly. Check you hangers and consult a level to see if the pitch is sufficient. Other common issues are holes, tears, and smashed gutters.

Downspout Damage

If, after inspecting the gutters, you determine that you have a blockage in your downspout, take a systematic approach to fixing the issue. Start with the elbow joint, which is the most likely culprit. Try to clear it with your hands, a broom or a hose with a forceful spray. If that doesn’t do the trick, work your way down the length of the downspout until you find the clog.

Taking a little time to care for your gutters and downspouts will save you hassle in the long run.


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