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Don’t Ignore Wood Damage Under Your Roof

Your roof is a complicated system that goes well beyond the basic exposed shingles, and wood is an essential material. Whether you have wood shingles or not, wood supports, ridges, boards, trim and eaves are important pieces overall roof functioning. Therefore, it is important that you are not only conducting regular maintenance on the exterior of the system but also regularly investigating supporting components.

Common Causes of Wood Damage

Water damage is one of the most common causes for roof issues. Leaks in your home can be common and hidden, and you may have a leak that is causing imperceptible damage to the interior of your home. As water collects in the attic or under the shingles it can quickly work through your wood supports. Dry rot is another common cause for destruction. As fungus and bacteria collect in the beams and supports, it works away at the wood greatly decreasing its strength and durability. Similarly termites can quickly eat away at roof components affecting the support of your home. Each of these issues can easily spread throughout other portions of your home, resulting in further damage, and if left untreated, your roof has potential to completely collapse.

Repairing Damage

While you may want to try and fix issues on your own or find a quick repair solution, you want to find an expert that specializes in both roofing and woodwork. The supports in your home require particular carpentry skills and care. Therefore, you need to find a professional with these skills. You should have regular inspections completed to investigate potential issues before they start, and the best time to repair supports is when you are replacing your roof as it is already open and hidden pieces are exposed.

Your roof is a complex system, and if you are considering replacing your roof, you want to make sure that you are looking under the shingles. The wooden bases to your roof are an essential piece in protecting and maintaining your home.


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