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Deck Maintenance Tips: 3 Ways to Keep Your Deck in Top Shape

An outdoor deck is a wonderful place to enjoy peace and quiet or to have outdoor gatherings with family and friends. If you live in a warm, mild climate, such as Santa Barbara or Malibu, then an outdoor space is ideal for enjoying the lovely weather. Therefore, in order to enjoy the beautiful outdoor climate, it is imperative to perform regular maintenance on outdoor decks. Regular deck maintenance will protect your investment, prevent costly repairs and ensure that you receive countless years of usage out of your outdoor space. There are a number of actions that homeowners can take to ensure that their deck looks great. Read below for a few of the easiest ways to keep your deck in top shape.

Keep the Deck Clean
This is probably one of the simplest acts that can be performed to help maintain an outdoor deck. Utilize a pressure washer to remove any dirt, debris or wood fibers. High pressure can damage a deck. Thus, ensure that you keep the pressure stream moving in order to avoid doing damage. Allow the deck to dry overnight before making any repairs or applying any coating.
Make Needed Repairs
If you have a nail that has come loose from a board, then remove the nail with a hammer and reattach a longer screw. Repair any boards that have split or come loose, so that they do not present a tripping or falling hazard.
Invest in Professional Deck Waterproofing
There are a variety of reasons why professional deck waterproofing is a great investment for a deck. This special coating protects the wood, improves the longevity of your deck and can even help reduce safety hazards. Keep your deck protected from damage with professional waterproofing. When a deck is water resistant, it prevents unsightly splinters and cracks from forming. Waterproofing also protects kids from getting painful splinters and a no-slip texture can enhance the safety of the deck. This is vital if you have kids or elderly family members that are prone to falls. Although homeowners can perform basic deck maintenance, waterproofing is best left to the professionals as they offer a range of options and have the experience to do this job correctly.


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