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Choosing the Right Roof for Your Building

With any home or building, it is essential that a good roof be provided. There are a number of different types available and care should be taken in selecting one that will furnish adequate protection and still be an attractive addition to the building’s overall appearance.

The area in which you are located can affect the type of roofing you choose. For example, in the Midwestern United States seasons vary with extremely hot summers and frigid winters. In some areas of the country, there can also be heavy rain, a winter temperature of zero and even an occasional tornado. This requires careful consideration in the type of roof chosen.

One of the most widespread choice of roofing is the shingle. As a rule, the most common type is made of wood. However, others are available that duplicate a wood shingle and are sometimes more durable. These are made of asphalt, cedar, slate, metal and tile. If choosing a wood shingle roof, again, the weather of the region should be considered.

Tile roofing, the second most commonly used roofing product, is very popular in locations such as Arizona and southern states where there is extreme heat in the summer. However, they are equally effective in conserving energy in both warm and cold climates. Tiles are made of concrete or clay and they are resistant to hail, moisture and fire. With the variety of colors available, it is easy to select a type that will enhance the beauty of a home or office. This type of roofing will often decrease the amount of your home insurance.

Metal roofing has gained in popularity due to its unmatched durability. It is possible to obtain this type of roofing in any style and/or color to match the building. A major selling point is that it can last a lifetime while other types of roofing must be replaced approximately every 17 years.

No matter what type of roofing material, color, finish or style you choose, it is important to do some research to determine the best choice for your situation.


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