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How To Choose the Right Coating for Your Oxnard Deck

After spending all that time and money on constructing a new deck, you want it to last for as many years as possible. With the right deck coating in Oxnard, your wish will come true. By talking with a professional and answering a few basic questions, there will be no doubt about what sort of coating to use.

What Products are Right for the Materials?

You’ll quickly find out that there are all sorts of stains and coatings recommended for decks. The trick is to identify which products are right for the type of materials you used for the deck construction. Some of those products will do a great job of sealing treated wood and ensuring it lasts for a long time. Other products will work better if you choose to utilize concrete or some type of metal in the deck design.

The contractor who brought your vision to life will know what sort of products are best, based on the materials used for the deck. That same professional can also apply the first coat or two, unless you want to take on the task as a weekend project.

Can the Coating Be Tinted?

With just about any type of coating, it is possible to use a clear product. That works great if you like the natural look of the wood. A clear coating is also a good idea if you opted for metal elements that were already treated with some type of acrylic coating before the installation.

If your deck happens to sport a lot of concrete, you can arrange for the coating to be tinted any shade that you like. Use the colors on the outside walls or something in the landscape as your inspiration. The tint will soften the look of the concrete and help it to blend in with the rest of the outdoor space.

How Long Will It Last?

Some coating products will hold up well for a couple of years. Others will need to be applied more frequently. If you’d rather spend more time enjoying the deck than adding another protective coat, opt for a product that is guaranteed to hold up well for two or more years.

Find the right coating today and arrange for it to be applied. Once the work is done, get ready to spend your evenings and weekends relaxing and enjoying your outdoor living space.


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