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The Cause and Repair for Roof Leaks

Often times in order to fix a problem, you have to know what caused it. That will allow you to stop the same issue from cropping up again. The technique for fixing a leak will vary depending on the cause of the leak.

The Causes

There are seven common reasons that a roof leaks:

  • Flashing: If the flashing is not properly installed or it gets clogged with debris, it means that the water cannot roll of your roof properly.
  • Design: Sometimes the problem goes all the way to the design of the roof. If the pitch is not right, then the water will have to pond, which leads to a leaky roof.
  • Shingles: If the shingles or tiles are missing, broken or loose, there is one less barrier between the interior of your home and the rain.
  • Ridge: If the ridge of a composition roof is damaged, you will get leaks in your home. It is important to know that ridging usually does not last as long as the rest of the roof.
  • Recommendations: If your roof is made of a material that is not recommended for your climate, you can expect to have leaks. Manufacturers have recommendations for their materials and how they should be installed, which you should follow.
  • Clogs: Sometimes debris builds up in the valleys, and this stops water from draining off of the roof properly.
  • Workmanship: Finally, roof leaks can be caused by poor workmanship and a lack of attention to details.

After the cause of the leak has been established, you can figure out a fix.

The Repairs

Professionals will know what needs to be done in each of these situations. Sometimes it might be as easy as cleaning off of the debris and making small patches, while others you may need to do a lot more work. Call a professional as soon as you notice a leak in your roof.


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