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The Best Home Remodeling Projects

Home improvement projects typically have at least one of two purposes: increase enjoyment or utility of your home or to increase its value. There are a few projects you can do, though, that will accomplish both goals. Here are four of them.

A new front door
It doesn’t sound like much, but a new front door can do a lot for your home, both in utility and value. A new front door can improve your curb appeal, and if it is the right kind of door, it can improve both your energy efficiency and your security. A new door also adds a lot of value for the money you spend, recouping about 90-95 percent in value on average.

Adding a deck
A deck may seem like an expensive luxury to a lot of homeowners, but it can net you a lot of money when you sell your homes. Adding a deck, as long as it’s wood, can gain you back about 85 percent of your money on average when you sell your home. It also gives you a place to grill out, entertain guests or just sit and enjoy the sun.

Converting attic space
If you have unfinished attic space, you could have a gold mine sitting above you. Finishing out attic space into a bedroom, den or rec room will get you about 85 percent of your money back in terms of added value. Plus, you will have one more finished room in the house where you can work, play or sleep.

Minor kitchen remodel
They say that kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a house when it comes to selling it. Many people looking to buy a home fixate on what the kitchen is like. You can take advantage of that by doing a minor kitchen remodel. This may involve replacing your appliances, refacing or refinishing cabinets or replacing your countertops. The key is to not go all out, and keep the cost to no more than about $20,000. If you do so, you will recoup more than 80 percent of what you spend.


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