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5 Ways A New Roof Can Transform Your Home

How is investing in a new roof beneficial you may wonder? Below is an outline of ways this action can help more than hurt you and your home. Read now.

5 Ways a New Roof Can Transform Your Home - All Climate Roofing

Have you just purchased an older home? Are you thinking about selling your home? Have you been in your home a length of time?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be thinking about a new roof. Installing a new roof is a solid investment in your home, but also one of the largest investments you can make in improving your home.

Because it can be expensive, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it. We think it is, and have come up with 5 ways that a new roof is a beneficial improvement for your home.

1. Protection With a New Roof

First and foremost, a roof functions as a protective layer between you and the weather that threatens both your health and comfort, as well as the structure of your home. Rain, wind, snow, sleet — all types of weather can suddenly go from annoyances to extreme concerns when you’re not warm and dry and water is leaking into your home. Leaking water can cause many problems to your home.

An older roof may not have proper ventilation for your home, which is a problem because this is how moisture is cycled out of your home. If it does not leave the attic, you may develop problems with mold or rotting. Damaged soffits or fascia boards on your roof can lead to rotting.

Beyond just the damage these problems do to your home, they also create problems for your health, especially if you are allergic to mold. A new roof offers better protection, ensuring that you and your family are healthy and safe from any outside forces.

2. Energy Savings

Saving money on utility bills is every homeowner’s concern, and a new roof helps to better insulate your home. If you currently have a roof that has cracks, holes, or gaps, it can make it difficult for your home to maintain a consistent temperature. Your heating and air conditioning systems may be working overtime to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

By replacing the roof, it will give your home the insulation it needs to unwanted air out while keeping the energy in. This is essential to your comfort as well as your wallet. A new roof will keep you comfortable and your bill affordable. Saving energy is also good for the environment by using fewer resources, so this is one way you can do your part.

3. Resale ValueNew Roof | All Climate Roofing

Installing a new roof on your home can bump up the resale value. It can also help to attract buyers who either don’t want to replace an old roof right away, or are concerned about damage from an aging roof.

Homeowners who replace their roofs can expect a jump in the value of their home, and can expect to recover an average of 71% of the installation cost when they sell their home. The national average increase of the sale price of a home with a replaced roof is over $14,000. A new roof ranks above a bathroom addition or installing a backup power generator.

4. Secure the Sale

If you are considering selling your home at some point, a new roof can be a benefit because it increases the certainty of a sale going through. When building appraisers and inspectors spot a roof in poor condition, it can become a deal breaker. A roof is highly visible, and an important feature in determining whether a home is sound in structure, so taking the risk of not replacing it can become a risk that it won’t sell.

5. Curb Appeal

Whether it is for attracting buyers to your home when it is on the market, or for contributing to better property values in your neighborhood, a new roof can give your home a huge boost in curb appeal. A roof make up to 40% of your home’s curb appeal, so if it is old or damaged, it will not attract buyers. A new roof can make your home look newer, and you can take the opportunity to update the paint colors, too — resulting in an overall transformation of your home’s exterior.

Not only will neighbors admire how your roof looks when you install a new one, but it may inspire your neighbors to replace their roofs, too. When others update their homes, your whole neighborhood will become a more desirable place to live, attracting more buyers and raising home values.

How to Determine If Your Roof Needs Replacement

A new roof can do wonders for the appearance, comfort, and value of your home, but how do you know if it’s time to make the leap and contact a roofing contractor? If you want to transform your home with a new roof, you can start by evaluating whether your current roof needs replacing.

The first sign that it is time to replace your roof is if the roof is older than 20-25 years (for an asphalt shingle roof). Beyond 20-25 years, your roof is not going to offer the protection that your home needs, leaving you vulnerable to bigger issues. If your roof is that old, you can be certain that a roof replacement is necessary.

If you aren’t sure how old your roof is, there are other ways to tell that it needs to be replaced. Here is a list of things to check to determine if you need a new roof:

  1. Shingles are curling and buckling.
  2. Missing or damaged shingles in the roof valleys where water flows into gutters.
  3. Missing shingles: check to see if the shingle tabs are intact.
  4. Chimney flashing needs to be replaced.
  5. Shingle granules in the gutters, or worn spots on the shingles.
  6. Daylight through the roof boards (look in the attic).

If you still aren’t sure about whether you need a new roof, contact a roofing contractor to look at your roof. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to the roof over your head. A professional will be able to determine whether it is time to replace the roof.

5 Ways a New Roof Can Transform Your Home - All Climate Roofing