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The Best Roofs to Choose Based On California Roofing Codes

California Roofing Codes and Roof Options - All Climate Roofing

There’s several things to consider when you’re picking a new roof for your home. You’ll consider price, style, and more. What you may not have thought of, though, is California roofing codes. These are the legal requirements for your roof, that ensure your roof is safe and fit for purpose. How do you choose the…

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Your California Guide to Clay Tile Roof Inspection

Beautiful New Roof on California Home - All Climate Roofing

In California, tile roofs are extremely common since they offer homeowners so many benefits. While they provide coverage for a long time, you still need to know the clay tile roof inspection and installation process. No matter what your roof looks like, you’ll need to do regular inspections to ensure that it’s working as it…

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