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Archive for December 2016

Wood Deck Resurfacing Ideas for the Perfect Spring Project

Deck Coating | All Climate Roofing

It’s an old argument, and it’s revisited every spring when homeowners realize that their decks have survived the winter—but just barely. It’s then that they are faced with a deck that needs a facelift and that recurring challenge: Do I paint or stain my wooden deck? What is the best wood deck resurfacing options for…

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5 Winter Home Improvement Projects

5 Winter Home Improvement Projects | All Climate Roofing

If you’re one of those homeowners who believe that you should work on home improvement projects only in mild weather, think about this. You’re probably dreading the cold weather ahead, and you will be stuck inside many days. Why not cure some of that cabin fever with some inexpensive and rewarding interior projects. These improvements…

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