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Archive for April 2015

Remodel Your Attic for Added Function

A new trend in home improvements is to renovate attic space to add functionality. Repurposing your attic provides a cost-effective alternative to new additions while at the same time allowing you to increase your home’s size and value. But before you buy furniture for your new attic space, you need to have a plan for…

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Passing a Roof Inspection: Answers to Your Pressing Questions

The roof over your head may seem like a simple enough concept. That is, until you really think about what it entails. Support beams, shingles, and a gutter system are a few of the most obvious pieces. Other factors include sheathing, flashing, ice and water shields, and a host of other elements. With these details…

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Get Ready for Spring Cleaning with These Home Maintenance Tips

It’s almost that time of year again-time to clean out that messy hallway closet and dust every nook and cranny in your home. Spring cleaning is a great time to get rid of all the accumulated dust your home may have gathered over the winter season. However, the indoors shouldn’t be the only place that…

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