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How To Prevent Wind Damage To Your Roof This Santa Ana Season

Oct 31, 2019

Santa Ana season brings extreme humidity, coupled with enormous wind storms. It’s important to prepare your home, and your roof during this time of year to prevent wind damage.  …

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Common Types of Roofs in California - All Climate Roofing

4 Common Types Of Roof Shapes To Know in California

Oct 14, 2019

Based on your location, personal preference and the climate, you will want to choose the most durable and reliable types of roof shapes for your home; here’s how. Are you…

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Can I Get Away With Roof Overlay Instead Of Replacement - All Climate

Can I Get Away With Roof Overlay Instead Of Replacement?

Sep 27, 2019

How’s your roof doing lately? If it’s looking like it might need repair yet you’re trying to stay on a budget, perhaps you should think about a roof overlay instead…

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5 Common Reasons Your Deck Needs Wood Rot Repair - All Climate

5 Common Reasons Your Deck Needs Wood Rot Repair

Sep 18, 2019

Unfortunately, wood rot happens for a lot of reasons. But the great news is that there are a lot of options to wood rot repair and prevention. Below, you’ll find…

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California Roof Style - All Climate Roofing

The Best California Roof Styles To Choose From

Aug 26, 2019

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the roof style for your home, this guide to the best California roofing options can help. You’re planning to replace your roof,…

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r in a Roof Before Buying a House - All Climate Roofing

What To Look For In A Roof When Buying A House

Aug 12, 2019

There are many aspects of a house that you must look at before deciding to buy it; and one of the biggest things to look at in a house is…

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Steps to Take Before You Buy a Home - All Climate Roofing

Your Roof Inspection Checklist for First Time Home Buyers

Jul 30, 2019

Taking proper care of your roof is essential for maintaining your home. When buying a new house, it’s important to know what kind of shape the roof is in. This…

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California Roofing Warranty Conditions - All Climate Roofing

5 Things to Know About Your California Roofing Warranty

Jul 29, 2019

Your California roofing warranty is essential when looking to upgrade your roof, but they can difficult to understand. This guide explores 5 things that you should know about your warranty.…

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Waterproof Plywood Decks - All Climate Roofing

5 Reasons You Should Waterproof Plywood Decks

Jul 11, 2019

Decks are the perfect spot to relax in the summer time. To maintain them, you must waterproof plywood decks, especially in the hot California climate. Having a plywood deck on…

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California Roofing Codes and Roof Options - All Climate Roofing

The Best Roofs to Choose Based On California Roofing Codes

Jun 25, 2019

There’s several things to consider when you’re picking a new roof for your home. You’ll consider price, style, and more. What you may not have thought of, though, is California…

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Beautiful New Roof on California Home - All Climate Roofing

Your California Guide to Clay Tile Roof Inspection

Jun 11, 2019

In California, tile roofs are extremely common since they offer homeowners so many benefits. While they provide coverage for a long time, you still need to know the clay tile…

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How to Restore A Deck After Sun Damage - All Climate Roofing

How To Protect And Restore a Deck From Sun Damage

May 30, 2019

Over time, your deck faces a lot of weathering challenges, especially in sunny California. Because of this, it’s important to know how to protect and restore a deck from sun…

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