Solar Tube Installation Brings in the Light

Solar Tube Installation Brings in the Light | All Climate Roofing

Recent advances in technology have made it possible to bring natural light into interior spaces through solar tube installation.

They are similar to skylights but require less roof or ceiling space and can be easily installed in most buildings, making it possible to bring the daylight in.

What is Solar Tube Installation?

These tubes go from the ceiling of a room to the roof, collecting light that is reflected down the tube. The light is then diffused into the room.

This system will work even in a basement or the first floor of a house that is two-story, as long as there is a closet or other area in which to feed the tube to the roof. They look much like ceiling lights so they blend aesthetically into the home.

Depending on the length and diameter of the tube, it can light 100 to 600 square feet in a room.

Sometimes referred to as tubular skylights, a 10 inch tube can substitute for four incandescent bulbs that are 60 watts, at the same time producing about 68 percent less heat than a light bulb.

Reduce Energy Costs

Solar tube installation can reduce daytime lighting costs. They do not require any electricity to run and do not produce any pollution.

Not only does this help to contribute to a healthier environment, it can also result in energy cost savings.

Improve Health

Along with these advantages, the natural light that is provided has been shown to have many health benefits for the people living in the home.

According to studies, natural lighting can promote both physical and psychological health by raising the levels of energy and the ability to concentrate.

Natural light also helped to reduce headaches and eye fatigue because the light was more beneficial and matched the normal rhythms of the body.

An added benefit would be the increased production of vitamin D due to the access to sunlight.

With solar tube installation comes many benefits to a home and to the people who live there.

The addition of natural light is a boon to energy and well-being of the residents and can save energy costs at the same time.

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