Skylight Repairs and Techniques


A skylight is a great way to let the sun into your home, increase natural light, and cut back on electricity bills—but if it breaks, you might be wondering about skylight repairs. There are many different ways to fix a broken skylight.

Types of Skylight Repairs

Some of the least difficult skylight problems involve the glass getting dirty, discolored, or stained. A repairperson can clean off the glass with special solutions to help get it sparkling again, or might give it a coating to protect it.

If the skylight is leaking, the repairer might check the edges to see if the seal is still tight. If it is starting to peel away or leak, replacing the sealant will probably fix the problem. If that does not work, then the leak might be in the roof around the skylight, and getting both the sealant and shingles around the skylight replaced will most likely work.

Some skylights can be opened, allowing a cool breeze of fresh air into your home. If your skylight will not open, though, the mechanism might be damaged. Get a professional contractor to replace the opening mechanism, especially if it is powered by an electric motor instead of by hand.

If the skylight is not properly sealed to the roof, you should find someone to do skylight repairs and fix it to your roof correctly. The right fasteners should be used and sealing properly applied. Of course, this problem can be avoided by getting a high-quality installer to put in the skylight in the first place.

Finally, if the skylight’s glass is broken or cracked, you should probably just replace it entirely. Broken glass is a hazard that should be dealt with as soon as possible. Replacing the skylight entirely is also a good option if it is older than ten or fifteen years; patching it up will not solve the underlying problem.

Skylights are a great addition to your home, adding light and fresh air. They should be taken care of and maintained—and it they break, you need to get some skylight repairs.

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