Finding a Commercial Roofing Company and Avoiding the Scams

When you need to hire a commercial roofing contractor, you first need to make sure you are looking for someone who is honest and trustworthy. Unfortunately, the roofing industry is fraught with scammers who are chomping at the bit to take advantage of homeowners. Here are some ways that you can bypass the scams and find the good ones.

Keep the Door Shut aftera Storm

Hail, rain, and wind can wreak serious havoc on your roof. After a storm, it is a good idea to walk around your home and look up at your roof. Be aware of any shingles that are crumbling or have come off of your roof, and call a roofing contractor if you notice any problems. There are many times following a storm where so-called roofers will come to your home and allege that there is damage on your roof that will necessitate a roofing replacement. It is very important that you assess your own roofing situation after a storm and contact a contractor if needed.

Avoid Paying For Nothing

One scam that actually happens a lot is a roofing company that demands payment upfront for the roofing work, claiming that they will work with your insurance company to take care of the repairs or replacement. Watch out for any roofing company who demands payment for the job upfront. As a smart consumer, you have the right to make sure the work is completed according to specifications and as they stated initially that they would complete it before you make payment.

Be Wary If They Come To You

Finally, the roofing industry is such that roofing companies should not have to resort to walking door to door asking people about their roofing situations in order to acquire new business. Be wary of any company that approaches you at your doorstep to offer a roof repair or replacement. If you need roof repair or replacement, be sure that you are approaching a commercial roofing contractor about your needs rather than the other way around.


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