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Archive for November 2013

Why Proper Roof Maintenance is Crucial

Are you a homeowner who wants to bring out the best in your home? If so, proper roof maintenance is one of the most important projects to focus on. Unfortunately, some people do not understand just how necessary maintaining their roof is, which can lead to a number of problems that could have been prevented.…

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Roof Repair Red Flags: Common Problems to Check for

You are at home, sitting down for dinner, and you suddenly notice a something wet dropping onto your head.  You look up and you see a small trickle of water coming down from your roof.  A common roofing problem has unfortunately popped up in your home!  You will need to contact a roof repair professional…

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Solar Installation in Ventura County: Basics and Benefits

There are many changes happening today in the economy.  The stock market seems like it can fall at any moment, the price of goods continues to rise and yet paychecks do not seem to rise fast enough.  People across the country are trying to find new ways to save a few extra dollars.  How can…

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How to Hire the Right Roofing Contractor for You

Without a proper roof, your home is susceptible to water damage, mold, dry rot, and a host of other construction nightmares.  Without the proper roof repairs, your roof can actually be a structural danger and a health hazard to you and your family.  Yet roof repairs can feel overwhelming due to the large variety of…

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Solar Installation | Reducing Your Energy Bill

The wave of the future is solar power. The energy generated by the sun has gone largely untapped by humans until the past few decades as people begin to develop even more efficient solar panel technology. Solar installation may seem like a risky expense, but often, the federal and state governments will subsidize the cost…

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Roof Maintenance and Inspection

Modern roofing materials are a great combination of affordability, durability, and aesthetics. Even more traditional shake or ceramic shingles have been perfected so that your house is fully protected no, matter what roofing option you choose. If your roof is outdated, or your area has gone through a recent storm, you may need to have…

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3 Benefits of Solar Energy Installation Ventura County

California Solar Panel Law: 10 Things To Know About Solar Panels-ACR

  Solar energy installation has become increasingly popular and has tremendous potential. It is one of the most promising types of green, renewable energy. Here are 3 benefits of solar installation in Ventura County. Solar energy installation saves money There are several ways installing solar panels can help the pocketbook. They can lower monthly electric…

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